Private & Group Sessions

Uncle Joe’s Studio offers both private and group (aka semi-private) sessions Monday through Saturday.  All sessions require appointments. Booking an appointment in advance will assure the best chance of your preferred time and instructor. All sessions are approximately 50 minutes in length and can be purchased individually or in a series of 10, 15, or 20 sessions for steeply discounted prices.  Call or email us to get a current brochure with a complete breakdown of all our prices.

Private Training

If you're looking to experience the entire fitness system that Joe Pilates' designed, our one-on-one training is the best place to start. You will get a chance to utilize  all of the equipment we have that was developed to help you create a strong, flexible, and functional body.

Private training is for anyone, young or old, fit or out-of-shape, experienced or beginner. Your instructor will discuss your goals with you and create a workout regimen that will help you reach those goals. Whether it's to help you better your posture, recover from a recent injury or surgery, get your pre-baby body back, or even get in shape for that upcoming class reunion, we're here to get you there!

Rates vary by instructor, and discounts (up to 20% off) are available for those who purchase packages.
Group (Semi-Private) Training

Group lessons (also called 'semi-privates') are a great way for the seasoned Pilates practitioner to work out, using all of the Pilates apparatus, in a supportive group atmosphere at considerable savings.

We'll look at your schedule and check it against our availability, and see what workout groups would best match your fitness level and goals.
A special note about group/semi-private sessions:

We make sure you get the most from your group sessions by tailoring them to each clients needs—that’s why you won’t see them listed on the class schedule. They are scheduled individually to suit the time constraints and the workout level of each person. So if you’d like to join one of our ongoing groups, or want to start one with some friends, let us know! 

So, while private sessions are available to all levels, group sessions are available only for intermediate or advanced level students, and approval by a staff instructor is needed. 


And how do you get approval for group classes?
Well, most of our group participants come from mat and tower classes or private sessions at our studio. But if you are an experienced Pilates student, but just new to our studio, then you will need to schedule a session with one of our instructors so that they can evaluate you.
But don’t be nervous!
The evaluation is merely our way of trying to see where the best fit for you is. We want you to get all the benefits of a great Pilates workout, so it’s important that you are paired up with workout partners that bring out the best in you!
Once we have all the information we need, we can get you set up with a workout schedule and start you on your way to that perfect Pilates body!