Everyone’s talking about Pilates!


Unfortunately, many people who are actually doing “pilates” from a video, a book, or at their local gym may have missed the core principles of the original method as taught by Joseph Pilates.  After nearly a century of proven results, the fundamentals are crucial to the proper understanding and practice of Pilates. 


Uncle Joe’s Pilates offers a two-level Mat Essentials series of classes geared toward the normal, healthy individual interested in learning the basic principles and fundamentals of the Pilates Method in the Pilates Matwork.  Exercises are introduced in a progressive manner as corrections and modifications are provided by the instructor.  Proper form and execution of the exercises will be emphasized as students gain knowledge and control of their bodies. 


Because Pilates is both mind and body, don’t miss out on learning the basics!

175 for the complete five-week course.

Includes the book 'Pilates: An Interative Workbook' by Christina Maria Gadar

In Mat Essentials I, students learn the six principles of Pilates as they apply to exercises of the basic through intermediate mat. Week one, the basic mat series is covered. Then, week by week, new exercises from the intermediate series are introduced. Emphasis is placed on proper alignment and technique so that the student achieves the maximum results from each movement. Once this series is completed, students may take intermediate mat classes at their discretion or enroll in the next series, Mat Essentials II.

Mat Essentials II reinforces the principles learned in Mat Essentials I and teaches the next level of matwork exercises. After completion, it is the goal of this series to prepare the students for any of the intermediate to advanced mat classes at Uncle Joe’s.